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Sanne Scarf, Mitzie Mee

The Sanne Scarf is designed and manufactured in collaboration with Local Women’s Handicrafts (LWH), a textile and handicraft collective in Nepal. The design has been developed especially for Mitzie Mee Shop and the fabric is a mix of cashmere wool, wool and cotton. The scarf is amazingly soft, and the gray color and discreet pattern never goes out of style.


Sanne scarf, Mitzie Mee


About Local Women’s Handicraft

Local Women’s Handicrafts works to empower disadvantaged and marginalized women through education and training. During a period of 6-18 months, the women are offered a safe place to stay, a stipend and an opportunity to learn a skill such as weaving, embroidery or jewelry making. These are the women who make the Sanne Scarf.

The entire production process from dying of the yarn to weaving of the scarves is in the hands of LWH, and you can therefore rest assured that the making of the scarves is free from child labor, slave labor and sweat shops. The scarves are made with respect for the environment in safe working conditions, and the women are paid a fair salary. Each scarf comes with a photo of the woman who have made the scarf, and you can read the individual women’s stories on LWH’s website.  

> Local Women’s Handicrafts website

35% Wool

35% Cashmere wool

30% Cotton

Made in Nepal

Care instructions: Dry Clean only

While the scarves are all made from premium materials, the individual scarves might have minor irregularities due to the fact that the scarves are handwoven by women who are still in the process of learning the skills of weaving.